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    Japanese exporters seeking Chinese market non-woven fabric
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     The average value of Japan 's manufacturers export to China in 2009 to non-woven products is nearly two times the average value of exports to the United States, according to a report of textile information. In 2009, Japan's exports to the United States of America non-woven fabrics up to 3282000000 yen ( $88500000 ), but the Chinese market to double exports, up to 6686000000 yen, while exports to China 's low.

    A unit of weight and material type each different market, high value of nylon non-woven parts of the market have a larger proportion of the market, while the other is mainly low polyester and polypropylene products. But the overall message is very clear, China provides market for value-added products manufacturers in Japan, Japanese exporters to the United States before the market, and later extended to the European market.

    Chinese consumers demand higher performance of nylon wool spinning non-woven material, especially made in japan. In contrast, the United States imports mainly low types of polypropylene and polyester material, mainly used in the health sector. Japan's value-added products exports to China has become one of the key strategies of most major Japanese non-woven fabric manufacturers.

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