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    Non-woven fabric made of environmental protection industry of mobile business first step
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     " Pointed out that the 12th Five-Year Plan": to promote the "two types of" social construction, promote green prosperity. Vigorously promote clean energy, environmental protection, low carbon industry, promoting the industrialization of low-carbon technology. " 1025 " start of the year, non-woven fabric as environmentally friendly products in the market boom.

    Nonwoven technology in China started the rapid development in the nineteen eighties, the average annual growth rate of 28%, has become a new industry in China textile industry, products are widely applied to filtering, medical, health, health, industry, agriculture, civil engineering, architecture, home decoration and all areas of life. Data shows, 2010 1-11 month non-woven industry to achieve the main business income of 54600000000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 30.2%, growth rate than in 2009 increased nearly 18 percentage points to 12.5%; a total profit of 2800000000 yuan, an increase of 56.6%, sales profit rate reached 5.1%, than the same period last year increased by 0.2 percentage points, 0.4 percentage points higher than the textile the industry average.

    With the increased awareness of environment protection, all kinds of terminal products will use environmentally friendly products as raw materials, and just have the advantages of non-woven fabric. In 2011, non-woven industry will become an important industry, high growth momentum is expected to continue. Nowadays, non-woven technology becomes more mature, the market is increasingly standardized, the original products are exported abroad is most non-woven manufacturers preferred, but now, the domestic market for non-woven products demand increased significantly, the expansion of domestic supply become more enterprises consider the problem.

    After 3G, the first two-way communication platform China non-woven non-woven industry portal (www.chinawfb.mobi ) has become the focus concerned by enterprises.

    It is understood, the portal began in 2009 November launch, the first domestic development of mobile business service providers China industry portal based on wireless network alliance, namely total net ( www.zonglai.com ) technical support, just less than 15 days to finish the basic website building; as of 2010 July, online membership number exceeded 1000, a lot of non-woven professional user experience is good.

    According to the China non-woven portal responsible person Dong Zong said, " in fact, many of the industry platform are rising, everybody in the discussion can get the favour of the user to do what kind of platform, we select the vertical subdivision search mode, can be said that the field of mobile Internet, non-woven fabric is no business service platform for professional, and our country has 8 billion mobile phone users, the market efficiency can not be ignored. Before we do the channels, for product information and user group of strenuous efforts, China non-woven portal is not only convenient for consumers to better understand the business products, ties of mutual understanding, cooperation between enterprises. "

    At the same time, general said: " by 2010, industry portal market tends to mature, technology, and operations to benefit from China's industry portal wireless network alliance with the planning advantage, China non-woven portal to receive a steady development, and has attracted industry attention. In environmental protection and low carbon industry "1025" planning, non-woven fabrics, just take the first step, China non-woven portal is just play a role, with the popularity of smart mobile phone, there will be more and more users experience the convenience. "

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