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    Chang Zhen Xiantao Peng: " non-woven fabrics are" anxiety
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     China nonwovens are, the title let Chang Zhen Peng Xiantao pride for nearly twenty years. The development of current performance, Peng field in from the "manufacturing " to " made " on the road, high cost, labor shortage, the shortage of money, export suffering harsh reality exists in front, make Peng people hitherto unknown anxiety.

    Running Peng field

    Peng Chang, Xiantao City only 10 km distance.

    On the way to the industrial city of the road, not harvested cotton lonely, curled up in the new factory stands in the shadow. With the M on a BMW, Mercedes car covered in dust along the way, all the way along, taxi master proudly with reporter sighed: " Peng Chang boss, some money! "

    The 5 km long Peng field on both sides of the road, was almost completely occupied non-woven industry. At the end of the road extends to the PENGCHANG Industrial Park -- the government for the expansion of production scale and deliberately create non-woven fabric. A lot of nonwoven enterprises will have two factory, the old factory is located in PENGCHANG ave, new factory settled in industrial park.

    In 1992, Peng field among the national township 200, " China non-woven capital" of the title is the heavy weights Peng field strength. Secretary Hu Xianping once said: " to keep the non-woven this card is to keep our money bag! "

    In Peng town government provide " Hubei business " reporter " Declaration of Hubei high-tech industry base " in the book, points out that nonwoven industry cluster in Hubei province first export billions of dollars, to Peng town as the core, the city engaged in total assets of non-woven fabric production and processing enterprises reached 1178329700 yuan. In 2010, exports accounted for non-woven products export delivery value of 40%. Export delivery value of 3000000000 Yuan, of which export $78500000, the employment of 30000 people.

    In the town the impression in the street, the rapid rise of buildings and change rapidly factories like all of a sudden.

    The first point is the 2004 SARS, non-woven products -- mask market expansion, crazy growth in profits, before mask a few cents multiplied doubled, up to a few dollars, many of the new factory was born, Xiantao Yun day protective articles Co., that is so, " that year earned a lot of money. " General manager Liu Xingqi said.

    From 2009 to 2010, by a stream, the overseas market demand of masks, 100% export overseas markets Peng Chang, was the best of times. The street changes also is in this year, the beautiful house, many enterprises, cars.

    This year, the factory continues to expand the scale, small workshops such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain version after another, some media statistics, when Peng field non-woven business up to more than 1000, although it is not the local people admitted: " find a few relatives, several machines, in the home to be able to do things, that what is called enterprise! " Xiantao Yuming plastic products Co. Ltd. manager Du think, when a stream, many workshops disappear is reasonable.

    In this kind of unexpected shocks, orders rose 10% compared to normal years, wages also increased two times than before, when workers can even get a monthly salary of five thousand, Peng field workers earn more than civil servants -- a media popular argument. " You're welcome to Peng Changlai work " language of the ads on the side of the road is also particularly eye-catching.

    A flow of retreat, the market back to normal, a wave of bankruptcies hit, some factories in a semi-cut-off state. Today, the weather in November is not cold, non-woven business but go ahead, into the winter.

    You have to run the race

    A flow, the rapid expansion of the town gradually weak, especially in the second half of this year, non-woven fabrics enterprise is more suffer unspeakably, " two high and one low " intensified, wages rose 30%, raw materials rose 10%, in addition, due to the European debt crisis, the products are sold to reduce the price by 10%.

    In " the business " reporters visited Peng field non-woven business, whether it is Yu Min such leading enterprises, or the bright younger generation like tilling these days, everyone consistent: " we are losing! " Liu Xingqi even think, in this context, would rather do less, because it means less lose less.

    And as Xiantao Hongxiang non-woven Limited Liability Company, Xiantao Yuming plastic products Co. Ltd. this feed thousands of employees " large scale ", is difficult, at a loss to do. " Don't do what, one thousand or two thousand workers who drink the Northwest wind. " Du manager some helpless.

    Next, company left is Xiantao SHUNFA non-woven products Co., Ltd., has a staff of about 300 to 400, 70% to 80% of the non-woven products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, but by the debt crisis, compared with the same period last year, export orders fell 10%.

    But Hong Xiang general manager Jin Tao does not think that now the market in the doldrums: " SARS and H1N1 emergency, does not belong to the market situation normal, not now and when a flow of contrast. This year compared to 08 years the normal year, order quantity is increasing, but the profit space relatively reduced. The laws of the market is so weak, and orgasm repeatedly, depressed when you hold the line, can't hold you down, the survival of the fittest is normal. "

    Generally speaking, everyone's life is not easy, labor shortage, it is hard to recruit, is a challenge to development.

    Peng town vice mayor Ye Fang once said to the media: " I hate not where to drag a train workers back skin. " In the " business " in the reporter visited enterprises, more than 90% workers were local people, and the majority of middle-aged women. In the product selling prices, workers wages fall, be cause of unable to recruit people.

    " When a flow, can get more than 5000 workers who each month, our company wages each month to send about 5000000. " Yumin Du manager said, at that time the non-woven fabric orders, please small workshop production of large enterprises, Hong Xiang was asked 40 factories, and now has been reduced to 15. In short supply in the market circumstances, prices soared, a flow of wealthy town people 's purse, also expanded their desire.

    " Our workers are the two spoiled, psychological expansion. " Du said the manager. After 80, after 90 have toward the outside world, willing to stay in the local are middle-aged, the number of available is very limited, when a company received a large order, we need to absorb the rising wages of workers, to ensure that the production line to complete. Because there is no order specification, in order to compete for workers in enterprises is very headache, up or not up is a struggle.

    It is understood, Hongxiang now wages is 60%, namely, if a piece of clothing is 1 points, then make up 6 per cent, a total of 1 6 per cent, while a stream of wages of subsidy is 100%. A colleague complained: " Hong Xiang mainly in the German market, affected by the depreciation of the dollar, the appreciation of the renminbi is relatively small, so that rising wages will cause pressure on other enterprises. "

    In Peng field, but a flow period, employers workers is this -- a half-day classes, a card code, very few people will work all day, but each month two thousand yuan income. As for the late 8, 9 points out of the factory gate workers, bosses are given as follows : " they are doing the last step -- fold the clothes, had dinner at home every day, wash clothes, to the factory to almost noon, so go too late. "

    Look, Peng people rambling, play the enthusiasm is much higher than the work. But in fact, in this town, in addition to playing cards, they really have no other entertainment places, which is why after 80, after 90 children toward the outside. " Although the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area wages not bippen high, but the level of service industry, the children here, except work, it can only go to the supermarket. " Du manager itself also agreed that " the outside world is very exciting. "

    " Leave no successor, non-woven fabrics, probably can be 5 to 10 years. " Another of Yu Min's manager sighed.

    20 years of accumulated industrial tradition, is not " playing " down. On the contrary, people responsible for all enterprises to Peng field efficiency of the workers of the highly positive. In order to solve the labor shortage problem, part of non-woven fabric enterprise has set up a factory in other regions, but no town worker bippen field people better. Hongxiang once in Hubei County of Jianli Province in the establishment of the company, maintain soon put up the shutters. " In Jianli, despite the price lower than the Peng field workers, but low efficiency, and difficult to manage. " Hongxiang general manager Jin Tao said, and so, still be inferior to Peng people more open wages, convenient and can reduce the cost of management.

    From " manufacturing " to Peng Peng field " made " on the road, an industrial town retain talent difficulty than for ordinary workers, the enterprise long-term trapped in a " talent shortage". The factory has tried to recruit students, but the effect is not ideal, but from the Xiantao Career Technical College recruit.

    In order to improve the level of management and negotiation, Zhao Xiangyun returned from studying in the UK 's son Zhao Ran to stay in the factory for help, he admitted that he and the foreigner in far better son, even if the market downturn, Zhao still can grasp the needs of customers.

    Rich solid companies also employ occupation managers, in order to find out the advanced management mode, but this in many peers still appears to be a superficial reform. Most of the enterprises, to help the family relatives gathered. The "boss" is responsible for people used to call the enterprise, rather than the " chairman ", " general manager" which is full of color management.

    And the labor shortage also troubled companies is the problem of the shortage of money.

    With open to build China's non-woven town curtain, Peng town government initiated the establishment of high-tech industrial park, industrial upgrading imminent. Customer appetite improved, new forces in Henan, Anhui, non-woven industry rise, non-woven products profit space seriously squeezed, let Peng field -- try to expand the scale of enterprises, standardize the production line to walk, get rid of workshop production.

    However, money has become a big problem at the moment. Apart from a few leading enterprises, the survival of small and medium enterprises increasingly difficult. There are hundreds of thousands of hands, can fix equipment, factory was born without too much money, however, huge working capital are often let enterprises be nonplussed over sth..

    " Banks will only give large corporate loans, small business loans to the possibility is very small. " A business person in charge told the reporter " business ". Xiang Hongxiang, the annual sales of billions of dollars of business, not money, a person familiar with the matter said: " but also business bank, to survive, so will give Hongxiang such a loan task. " Hongxiang general manager Jin Tao confusion lies in the swing state policy uncertainty: " 08 years when the national monetary tightening, then open, now again, I very difficult to adapt to the. "

    Yu Min's annual output value of 250000000, but never dealing with banks. The manager said: " get on Du primitive accumulation, to bank loans, which day enterprise really do not go down, what also? Be in jail.

    For folk lending more at a distance, snowballing capital accumulation, is the universal way bosses. " We the people here, if know to lend you the money you are going to do business, will say bad words. " Liu Xingqi said, he is again poor, also won't go borrowing this road of no return.

    In October, there have been foreign enterprises came to Peng field, hope investment non-woven business, but the bosses have concerns about equity, eventually not below.

    "We here the concept behind, actually for me, as long as there is a good investment, I don't care about equity issues, as long as they can make the company stronger do! " Jin Tao 's colleagues in a rare " college students " was born, the listing and financing for him is a feasible way, but other bosses do not agree.

    Xiantao Feixiang non-woven products limited liability company general manager Zhao Yunxiang particularly cautious: " liar a lot, don't make the last real investment company! "

    You have to fight the good fight

    Although some people do not recognize the so-called "downturn ", but in the beginning of this year the price war frenzy. Industry sources, Yumin, new, rich solid three Peng field non-woven little giant this year to a customer, launched a price war. The strongest opponent not outside, all results in no doubt to cutthroat Dutch act.

    As the cost of raw materials prices, the calcium carbonate into non-woven production, has become a common means to reduce the cost of. Jin Tao for the industry confusion a sigh: " the addition of calcium carbonate is not unusual, Guangzhou there are like this. The addition of calcium carbonate costs will decline, but only those who are will be sold at a lower price, that is to say he did not because of lower production costs and earn money. Thus, no quality assurance, the money did not earn, the client will not stay, for what? "

    In the high-tech zone of the town government to declare the plan, around the " China non-woven fabrics are" card, the comprehensive upgrading and chain extension of pace, and strive to 2015 Xiantao nonwoven enterprises reached 300, of which above-scale enterprises reached more than 100. The industrial scale exceeded 10000000000 yuan, non-woven raw material production exceeded 300000 tons, the export of $300000000, 300000000 Yuan of tax break, employing over 70000. Cultivation of 2 listed companies, built perfect nonwoven Productivity Promotion Center and logistics center.

    And by government support non-woven business, also launched a comprehensive upgrade of industry, improve the industrial chain.

    " The old factory is too small, unable to meet the production demand. Besides, the foreigner asks we standardized production, we must from the inside to the outside have grade point! " Xiantao Feixiang non-woven products limited liability company general manager Zhao Yunxiang Industrial Park in the new factory site on the busy, the new plant covers an area of 50 acres of land around or a pile of rubble, but already molding plant than the old factory land many.

    Flight of the old plant and the town most non-woven business, can not escape from the rough economic mode. The door is a big yard, full of all kinds of goods and raw materials, machines and workers and non-woven products are produced with the entire plant, although according to the production category is divided into three layers, but the planning and new factory professional production line far. The gate is also close to congratulate his son admitted to the University 's poetic couplet, plant next to a small kitchen, drifting in the fume flavor more highlight the family workshop mark, it is hard to be linked with tens of millions of annual sales.

    They also complain about two years ago, the small workshop to bring bad effects on their: " CCTV said mask we produce no disinfection, in fact, the reporter just run a small family-style workshops he shot a few scenes! After reports, pour a small workshop, our business has been affected. " They have to heart, in doubts, Peng field started a magnificent run fast.

    Make only superficial changes of plant, the size of the production line, professional R & D team, more like the disaster reports contradict and revenge.

    They have not done at the bottom of the processors, beginning with the university cooperation, the establishment of independent R & D center, in addition to non-woven production, increase the non-woven derivatives investment.

    Director of industrial park planning and Construction Bureau Yu Jian revealed a bold idea -- to Peng field visibility to do, must be service level to go up, for example, will build five Stars Hotel and other facilities, which will be a nationwide non-woven meeting absorb so far.

    But such a beautiful blueprint, the possibility is not optimistic about the industry insiders. " Peng Chang from Xiantao too close, can't afford high-end services, rich people are driving to Xiantao, Wuhan consumption. " A personage inside course of study says.

    Marketing channel is a key enterprise profit space compression. It is understood, Peng field 80% of the enterprises

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