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    In 2013 China non-woven cloth production will reach $3880000000
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     Comprehensive since 2003 market historical development as well as to the market in 2013 growth forecast, the United States of America non-woven industry association INDA published a groundbreaking report -- " development of China nonwovens industry trends and prospects ".

    The report focuses on the disposable non-woven market and durable Nonwovens Market in 2008, the main non-woven products sales and sales, consumption of non-woven fabric, and the development prospect of technology.

    Report on the market including, baby diapers, baby pad, female sanitary pads and tampons, adult incontinence, medical / surgical products and disposable paper towel. The durable products, market including geotextile, roof, car interiors, filter medium and bedding.

    " A lot of nonwovens and related enterprises require INDA to help them understand the high-speed growth of Chinese nonwoven industry, and what is driving the rapid growth of China nonwovens, " the authors of the report, the INDA Market Research Center Director Ian Butler ( Ian Butler ) said: " this is really quite simple, nonwoven industry of China has been with the national economy maintained synchronous growth, in the past five years from 2003 to 2008 Chinese non-manufacturing industry average annual growth of 17%.

    Report on key conclusions:

    •China consumed 10400000000 square meters of fabric, which is 900000000 square meters of disposable terminal market consumption, 1400000000 square meters is durable terminal market consumption. In 2008 China Nonwovens consumption value of $2320000000. INDA expected, China Nonwovens annual growth of 12%, by 2013 will reach about $3880000000.

    Study of disposable products sales market, after converting the display, in 2008 sales 11870000000. INDA expected, to 2013 during the 5 years, the market will expand from the current size to $18460000000. This means that the average annual growth rate of 9.2%.

    •medical market beautifully. In 2008 the market size of more than $2000000000, in addition to small products, such as masks, shoes and masks, most other products, such as surgical operation clothing and patients using products into the export market, rather than consumption in china. Disposable surgical operation for about 60-70% of the products are exported to the United States market. 20082013 years, expected annual growth of about 6%.

    • NDA Research Report, China's domestic non-woven material production, including exports, reached 667600 tons in 2008. Output in 2013 is expected to reach 1113600 tons.

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