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    Low carbon concept: " non-woven bag industry is quietly launched war "
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     Go close bunch of friends, travel, shopping ... ... Different style, colorful non-woven bag everywhere almost in our life. In the fierce competition of every hue products at the same time, the relatively modest but industry is closely linked with our life -- non-woven bag industry war in the soundless and stirless through.

    New David handicraft factory as a non-woven bag production manufacturers in the home, be without a common vendor odd to the present development of the industry almost Wurenbuxiao enterprises and their product technology improvement and innovation of the marketing strategy are inseparable. According to David handicraft factory manager Mr. Dong introduced, their premise in product technology and management mode does not neglect the, put a new foothold on the platform of network marketing.

    " The products have passed the examination, really good. Do it for a week, I got 6 pen network order, there are 100000 pieces of money! " When a friend asked Mr. Dong, he can't stop smiling.

    According to Dong Jingli introduced, many customers is the industry Web site through the non-woven fabric related to find Dong manager, and the common characteristics of these websites is that they are members of China B2B alliance. China B2B alliance through the promotion of industries and the industry exchange and integration between upstream and downstream, adds new David handicraft factory is famous degree, make the enterprise information and a wide range of more efficient significant position in each big website. Dong manager buy based on Chinese B2B alliance have passed the examination of products, only a few days, many potential customers will come out, its effect is far beyond the new David enterprises originally envisaged, it created a new profit point of the enterprise.

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